Brazilian Portuguese Course for foreigners

Brazilian Portuguese Course for foreigners

Brazilian Portuguese Course for foreigners – Online ou Presencial

Brazilian Portuguese Course for foreigners: Brazilian  Portuguese language has always been in the interest of a lot of people, and even more so now that Brazil is on the spotlight for the World Cup and the Olympics, so if you are coming to Brazil now or have plains to do it in the future, why not coming over  capable of  speaking  the local language and making the most of your stay in Brazil?

In our Portuguese Language Course we focus on conversation, which is also applied for all courses provided by Social Language School. Take your classes with multilingual, highly experienced Portuguese Native Speakers who teach 100% in Portuguese but also can explain the contents of the class in English, so you won´t go home unsure of what you learned.

Our courses can be taught with the presence of the teacher at a place previously agreed by both the teacher and the student in case you are in São Paulo – Brasil or online. So if you are still in your home country you can start your training right now.

We would like to invite you to add us to your Skype so we can offer you a demonstration of our teaching methods and techniques. It´s totally free with no commitments at all, so just add us there and tell us what time would be the best for you to take your free demo class online.

Just remember that studying Brazilian Portuguese at Social Language School is like this…

  • You study what you want or what you really need to learn… Recommended for those who are going abroad or those who have just gotten a job where a new language will be necessary.
  • You choose the date and the time you are available to study, you don´t need to follow a group´s schedule
  • You start the course immediately, you don’t need to wait for a group to start
  • You study alone with the teacher or with a maximum of 3 other people in class
  • You are never obligated to study what you have already learned before just to follow a class´ schedule
  • You can take your class 100% using the language you are learning or if needed you can have support in your own language (in case you are an English or Japanese native speaker)
  • You focus your studies in spoken communication, not only on Grammar and Writing
  • You become aware of the teaching method before paying anything. We can book a free demo lesson with you with no commitments at all so, in other words, you only pay if you recognize the methodology is right for you
  • You study with highly experienced Portuguese Native Speaking teachers who have lived abroad for many years and who can give you a full support both in English or in Japanese.

Any questions? Click below and reach us on Whatsapp!TEL: (011) 99681-8117

Brazilian Portuguese Course for foreigners

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